Lights, camera, action! Showtime!

There wasn’t much that was new that came out of the president’s speech on television, and the response from Democratic leaders.

Both sides seem to bask in the limelight!

It was interesting to note that columnist Marc Thiessen, whose words appear on this page, declared President Trump as the winner because he was the only one who urged compromise on the wall issue.

The name-calling during the televised event was held to a minimum by the participants. The Senate’s leading Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, won the name-calling battle, slamming the president for temper outbursts and governing in a manner to get his way or else. The else is the government shutdown.

Thiessen wrote that President Trump was presidential. That was a stretch but the president was not his usual bombastic self. That was encouraging!

Both parties are to blame for the partial shutdown of the federal government. It is one way the Pelosi-Schumer Democrats can get to Trump before they try to impeach him. That’s No. 1 on their agenda — impeach Trump.

Pelosi and Schumer appear to be enjoying their power seats. They really don’t care about the partial government shutdown. Their target is Trump. They want to beat him at his own stubborn game.

It is sickening to watch and hear all of this. There doesn’t appear to be room for any type of compromise. Meanwhile, Americans are suffering. They don’t seem to care about the people they represent. Their main concern is Trump, Pelosi and Schumer. Their personal standing is the top priority.

In the long run, which party is the loser?

The answer by many people is that both parties are being hurt by the politics that is being played.

Is the wall the main “issue” in the big issue?

The political game being played is the main “issue.” The participants have their eyes on the 2020 election.