he Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, still is a mystery man, although a few more details about him are emerging. There are little things in his lifestyle that are becoming known — changes noticed in him in recent months.

For one thing he became somewhat sloppy in his appearance. His girlfriend told law enforcement officers that she felt he was deteriorating both mentally and physically.

It has been determined that he had a methodical and systematic mind and was addicted to video games at gambling casinos. He had been buying guns since the early 1980s. He made money in real estate and had a strong sense of superiority. Some people who knew him said he was arrogant. He was a control nut who had two failed marriages. He learned to fly. 

He took his own life as police were forcing their way into the hotel room from which he fired into a festival crowd, killing 58 people and wounding hundreds of other people.

But why he turned into a mass killer is still a mystery. He was different. Many people are!