The city of Washington has formed a capital improvement sales tax committee to study and recommend whether or not the city should continue its half-cent sales tax for needed capital improvements. The tax has been in force since 1989 and has been renewed several times by voters.

The tax always has had a sunset provision. The thinking behind this was to show what can be done with this special tax and to ask voters every so many years to decide if they want to continue it.

The city plans to tell voters what capital improvements can be addressed if the tax is continued. A report to the people on how the tax money has been used also would be helpful to voters in making a decision. We are sure this will be done.

First of all, the citizens committee must decide if it recommends a continuation of the tax. The vote here is to continue the tax because we know what it means to the city to advance and maintain projects. Without this tax, needed projects would not be addressed, or it would take years to have the money to tackle them.

This special tax has been renewed time and time again because the voters have faith in the city to follow through on promises of what will be done with the money.