It was no surprise that the Washington City Council approved putting the extension of the half-cent sales tax for capital improvements on the ballot to be voted on in the April 2018 municipal election. The city appointed a special committee to hear proposals for capital improvements that would be financed by extension of the sales tax.

The needs are greater than the revenue that would be produced by the tax in the next eight years so if voters give their approval priorities would have to be set.

No tax is popular, but one that is close to being just that is this tax for capital improvements. Voters have never refused to continue this tax. It has been highly beneficial to the city. The improvements that have been possible through funding by this tax will be outlined to voters prior to the election and what the tax revenue will be used for in the next eight years will be announced also.

This tax always has had a sunset provision of eight years. The idea behind that is to give voters the opportunity to end it if they believe it no longer is needed. We doubt if ever the time will come when it is not needed. With services needed by a growing city continuing, there are needs that have to be addressed if the city is going to keep up with the demands.

We believe strongly in the tax. It has allowed the city to accomplish much for its citizens. The suggested projects published in this newspaper are more than the city will be able to do, but all are worthy of consideration. The city has spent the tax revenue wisely and we are confident it will continue to do so.