Special road districts may be old, antiquated as Presiding County Commissioner Tim Brinker said, but they still serve a purpose and a full airing of this issue needs to be had before there is movement to get rid of them.

The pros and cons of the issue need to be discussed with residents of the districts and the district commissioners. We are sure that will be done. Public meetings should be held to give those taxing districts their day before action is taken to abolish them.

Over the years we haven’t heard many complaints about the operations of the special road districts. There have been some to be sure, but that is bound to happen when you deal with the public, especially property owners.

The special districts were formed because of a need and over the years they worked with the county and cities on projects. The present system has worked rather well. Many improvements have been made.

Things change with the times and the need isn’t what it was at one time. Taxpayers want the most they can get in the way of improvements for their tax dollars.

The special road districts have brought government closer to the people they serve. If it’s time for a change for the better, then it should happen.

More facts about a change should be forthcoming. If a change would offer positive results, and perhaps even save property owners some tax dollars, then it would be welcome and should be done.