There will be five proposed amendments to the Missouri Constitution before voters Tuesday, Aug. 5. It gets a bit confusing to remember each one, especially when they are referred to simply as Amendment 1 and Amendment 5, or whatever number.

Here is what the numbers mean:

Amendment 1 is referred to as “the right to farm.”

Amendment 5 is called by many as “the right to bear arms.” Emphasis is placed on unalienable right.

Amendment 7 is the temporary three-quarter of l-cent sales tax for roads, bridges and other transportation projects. It has a sunset provision in 10 years.

Amendment 8 is a lottery with proceeds going to veterans’ services.

Amendment 9 is to secure Missourians’ electronic data from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Wednesday’s issue of The Missourian, on Page 6S, has the five entire proposed amendments.