President Donald Trump has taken his share of bashing from Democrats and even Republicans, which is nothing new in American history. President Barack Obama, Democrat, was a target, as were most other presidents.

Trump’s bashing has come a bit quicker than most other presidents. He also has been hit with more media criticism than most other presidents in his first six months in office.

While doing limited research on president bashing we came across “Slinging Mud” by Rosemarie Ostler. In 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had many “haters” because of his government programs. He was called “That Madman in the White House.” Other bashing nicknames included the “New Deal Caesar,” the “Raw Dealocrat,” “Franklin Deficit Roosevelt” and “Franklin Double-Crossing Roose-velt.” He even was called a communist.

When President Herbert Hoover took office in 1929 times were good, but by September the market began to slip. Then came Black Tuesday, Oct. 29, when the Great Depression began. Hoover’s popularity took a nosedive. Shantytowns sprang up at the edge of cities because of unemployment. They were called “Hoovervilles.” Newspapers that the homeless wrapped themselves in were called “Hoover Blankets.”

Abe Lincoln was ridiculed as a backwoods “Rail Splitter.” He also was called “a third-rate western lawyer” and “a fourth-rate lecturer who cannot speak good grammer.”A nickname given to Lincoln was “Ignoramus Abe.”

The author of “Slinging Mud,” said: “Mudslinging is simply part of that time-honored democratic process — the American way of politics.”

It won’t go away!