There are signs that the worst of winter may be over. That means it is pothole fixing time.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is seeking the aid of motorists to inform the agency of the location of potholes. The state is ready to fill them.

MoDOT wants to fill the holes as quickly as possible once they are reported. Maintenance crews will use asphalt for a temporary fix until permanent repairs can be made.

We’ve had a winter that has been especially hard on roads, parking lots and driveways. The extreme cold weather, then warmer weather, freezing rain and ice, thawing, and, of course, the large amount of salt that was applied all add up to one of the most damaging periods in many years.

People who want to report potholes to MoDOT may call 888-275-6636, or go to MoDOT’s website, or social media platforms.

The aftermath of a tough winter is hurting budgets of government entities. Also, private businesses and homeowners have damage due to the severe winter. It was an expensive winter, with high heating bills also hurting many public and private budgets. Now we have to deal with the aftermath.