Polls can be right on the money. They also can be dead wrong. They are interesting, though. Results can change in short order. In politics, they are followed closely.

A MOScout statewide poll Aug. 20 revealed this:

Do you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump’s job performance as president of the United States? Approve, 48 percent; disapprove, 45 percent; not sure, 7 percent.

Possible candidates in the 2018 General Election for the United States Senate are Republican Josh Hawley and Democrat Claire McCaskill. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote? Josh Hawley, 50 percent; Claire McCaskill, 45 percent; Undecided, 5 percent.

Possible candidates in the General Election in 2018 for state auditor are Republican Todd Richardson and Democrat Nicole Galloway. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote? Todd Richardson, 47 percent; Nicole Galloway, 43 percent; undecided, 10 percent.

Do you support or oppose the law known as Right to Work? Support, 40 percent; oppose, 42 percent; not sure, 18 percent.

At this point, it’s early and polls undoubtedly will change. However, at this time, and it’s no surprise, incumbent Claire McCaskill is going to have a tough race to be re-elected. Hawley is not that well known. A former law school instructor at MU, he is in his first term as attorney general. He was elected in 2016. Prediction: Too close to call at this point. The  same can be said about the Right to Work issue if it makes it on the ballot.

As to Trump’s job performance, in this poll he did surprisingly well, considering the negative things that have happened in his first year as president. In the 2016 presidential election, Missouri was Trumpland.