The recent shooting attacks on police officers are another indication of how dangerous it is to serve in such a position today. 

The attacks are not centered on a particular city or state, but are happening throughout the country. The latest have been in St. Louis and San Antonio on  Sunday. The officer was killed in Texas and the St. Louis policeman was shot twice and is recovering

Police are taking precautions but when it is an ambush there is no warning. In St. Louis Sunday night, the officer was shot when a vehicle pulled up to the police SUV and a person opened fire on the  officer. There was no warning. The police officer didn’t have a chance to draw his gun.

The proliferation of guns, with many criminals under the influence of drugs, adds to the everyday threat facing an officer being shot. Just five months ago, a gunman killed five policemen in Dallas. 

These shooters when apprehended should be tried with dispatch and if convicted put behind bars for life with no opportunity for  parole. In St. Louis, the suspect was killed later in a shootout with police. He was wanted for other violent crimes.

There is a racial aspect to some of the shootings of police officers. That’s another worry.

We live in a violent country.