When did this current wave of patriotism capture the attention of Americans? Some people believe it started when Ronald Reagan was president. Others will tell you it came some time after the Vietnam War, which divided the country, but they can’t pinpoint the exact time.

Our military veterans keep the spirit of Americanism alive and their service organizations promoted patriotism from their very beginnings. But there were periods when patriotism suffered, and outward displays of it were few and far between.

We had patriotism during World War II. It was very high during those war years in the early 1940s. It eased up a bit during the Korean War and it reached probably an all-time low during the Vietnam War.  President John F. Kennedy ignited a flash of  patriotism. But President Ronald Reagan deserves much credit for the rebirth of patriotism.

Regardless who has been president since the Reagan era, patriotism has been on the upswing. In our lifetime, we have never witnessed the respect and appreciation given to military veterans as it is today. This is Veterans Week as the nation moves to Saturday, which is officially Veterans Day. There will be countless programs, especially in our schools, to honor veterans. It is a bit overwhelming!

Veterans really appreciate the honors bestowed on them by the general public, especially by schoolchildren. Programs such as Honor Flight, and many others, are a great tribute to veterans.

We also should thank the veterans organizations for the patriotic observances they conduct. Organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Korean War and Vietnam War chapters, and others, are a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by our military veterans. We need to thank these organizations for the services they perform, especially at funerals for veterans.

America is a thankful nation when it comes to military veterans!