We all know how the digital age has changed many of the routine things we do at work, at home and in school. But paper and pencils aren’t dead. And, the younger generation isn’t held captive 100 percent by the digital environment.

It was reported the past week that 56 percent of students surveyed by Kaplan Test Prep are against a change to digital for the SAT test. In a previous Kaplan survey, students expressed concerns about the strain of looking at a computer screen for four hours and potential technical issues, as well as a preference for the tactile nature of writing, “scratch work” and flipping pages.

Specifications of the new SAT indicate students will require a stronger knowledge of math fundamentals and greater stamina for reading comprehension passages — the latter being a potential challenge for students wary of taking a three-plus-hour test on the computer.

Kaplan said students generally support proposed changes except they have concerns about “going digital.” The majority of the tech-immersed teens don’t want to give up paper and pencils for the test. They’ve got sharp points on their pencils and don’t want to abandon them.