Since the publication of stories on the old Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington, we’ve been hearing from other people about their memories.

Ed Fischer said his mother Agnes used to say she was the first bride to use the bridge when it opened in 1936. She was married Nov. 30, 1936, in her hometown of Augusta. The bridge was officially opened Nov. 28, 1936. The late Agnes Fischer’s maiden name was Struckhoff.

Don Schulte, Washington, recalls walking across the bridge as a young boy when it opened. He wonders how many people who were present for the opening in 1936 are alive today?

The Missourian still is getting calls that offer suggestions for a name for the new bridge. Apparently, it’s just going to be known as the Highway 47 bridge or “the new bridge.”

The old bridge produced many memories. Will the new bridge produce as many?

The schoolchildren who crossed the river on the new bridge Friday afternoon will have that memory with them for a lifetime. The children were from schools in which the students participated in the penny drive to raise money for the new bridge. The children presented about $1,400 in pennies to the Missouri Highway Commission when members met here in July 2012.

The late Rosemary Hirschl came up with the idea for “Pennies for the Bridge.” The money raised will be used to help pay for the new bridge enhancements.