In the coming weeks, students will be heading to colleges, many some distance from hometowns, while others will continue to live at home and attend community colleges. The best education buy for students is a community college, which is within financial reach of almost every family.

There are bits of advice that every parent should give to their offsprings heading for college, especially those who will be freshmen. It’s actually a warning about some of the instructors a student probably will have before finishing college. Many college instructors are liberal, and they work that point of view into classroom teachings. There are extremists among college instructors, and, of course, some are to the far right, just as some are very liberal. Many students are unprepared to recognize extremists. Others recognize the politically far-out instructors and aren’t swayed by them.

The extremists among college faculties are not a new phenomena. They’ve been around a long time. Almost everyone who has attended college has had an instructor or two who were somewhat radical in their thinking, especially about politics, civil rights and other issues. That’s a touch of the real world!

We have told students headed for college that time management is very important. While in college a student probably has more free time than they will ever experience again at any time in their lives, except when they retire. 

Then there is the political correctness fad that has gone to the extreme in many instances. Much of it stems from educators. 

The majority of college professors aren’t to be feared as being radicals. They are serious in the desire to teach and their goal is they want students to learn whatever subject they teach.