It came as a shock to military veterans and many others to learn that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked away from his post in Afghanistan, now has a desk job at a base in Texas. He will do office work while waiting for an investigation into his alleged desertion. He was released from an Army hospital where he was “decompressing and recuperating” from five years in Talibanland.

In the old Army he would have been held in a cell after having been released from a hospital. From the reported actions of the soldier, he has mental problems and perhaps should be held in a padded cell.

Yes, we are well aware that in the old days, military deserters were quickly tried and shot. We recognize that conditions are different today. We fight wars differently than the World War II days when winning was the mission. Now we fight wars of containment. We are selective in targets that are put under fire. We don’t go all out anymore. There is some justification for this type of warfare under some conditions.

But the handling of the Sgt. Bergdahl case from the beginning has been criticized because of promoting him while he was in captivity, his release in an unfair trade of terrorists, the president making an announcement of his release, with his parents in hand, that was befiting a hero, and considering him for back pay of about $300,000. Well, folks, that’s disturbing to say the least.

He was acting strange before he left his post without permission and wandered into the hands of the Taliban. From the reports that have been public, he’s a mental case and a deserter.

We don’t know how much influence the commander in chief has in this saga, but it could not have been done without his knowledge. He doesn’t have a clue as to what this has done to the morale of troops!