We fail to see a winner in the federal government gridlock breakthrough. The compromise reached Wednesday night between Congress and President Barack Obama merely delays a decision on the major issues that caused a partial shutdown of the government for 16 days. The president signed the agreement shortly after midnight Thursday morning.

The Republicans failed to get their way with the budget fight over ObamaCare, and some members of the GOP called that a defeat. The agreement did extend federal borrowing power that averted a financial default, which had the potential of causing worldwide economic repercussions.

The people of this republic were among the losers with the shutdown, and for many Americans who are against Obama-Care there was no resolution.

The agreement will fund the federal government through Jan. 15, and raise the debt limit through Feb. 7. Then what? Probably more gridlock.

The shutdown cost the government billions of dollars and damaged this country’s international credibility, which already was at a low point with the president’s “lead from behind” strategy.

This whole mess could have been averted if the radicals in Congress and a stubborn president would have been willing to compromise. They are to blame. It just wasn’t the GOP that caused the gridlock. The president has to share the blame because of his stubborn attitude.

Will the bruises in this fight heal by January? We doubt it.