The state has received strong opposition to a proposal to allow guns in the Capitol. There should be strong opposition. If there is anything the General Assembly should trash, it is guns in the Capitol.

The opposition stated firearms should be banned from the Capitol even if the owners have concealed carry permits.

To allow weapons in the Capitol is inviting trouble.

The Parson administration invited public comments on the proposal. The administration has until mid-February to submit a rule on guns in the Capitol to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. The committee will have 30 days to approve, reject or withdraw the rule from consideration.

The Parson administration unveiled the proposal last November. Under the proposal rule no gun owners would be allowed in the House or Senate chambers or in committee hearing rooms with weapons.

According to the AP, the debate began two years ago when then-governor Eric Greitens temporarily banned most visitors and employers from bringing concealed weapons into the building. He relented a month later after conservative opposition was voiced.

“Many school groups visit the Capitol. Children and teachers should not be subjected to people with firearms roaming the building,” said the organization Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice on behalf of its 1,600 members.

At the present time visitors are not permitted to bring knives into the building.

“What is the rationale for allowing firearms, the most deadly weapons of all, on the property?” was another comment made in opposition to guns in the Capitol.

We think most Missourians would ask the same question.