Gov. Mike Parson was in St. Louis again this past week to meet with city and county officials to discuss what the governor calls a “crisis” with the gun violence in the state’s largest cities.

The governor remained noncommittal on whether he would support changes in Missouri’s gun laws. He did say the matter needs to be addressed by the full Legislature next year. “That legislative body represents close to 6 million people in this state and they all should have a say if we’re going to change the gun laws in this state.” The governor knows that the General Assembly isn’t going to do anything.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and others in the city favor a local gun law that would allow the city to require a permit to carry a gun. That probably would do some good, but it’s not a solution. There is no total solution.

Missouri changed its gun law that was effective in 2017 that a permit no longer is required.

The meeting this past Tuesday focused on three areas to help reduce violence: manpower, equipment and technology.

The governor said he supports having the state patrol take over some St. Louis-area highways to free up city officers for other crime-fighting efforts.

We don’t know how wide the city-rural divide is on guns in the General Assembly, but we don’t expect St. Louis or Kansas City will get much help from the rural lawmakers. St. Louis officials know that and that’s why they would like for local governments to have the authority to enact laws on guns for public safety.