It is easy to come to the conclusion that anything and everything on the internet can be hacked. There is no safety guarantee.

That raises the question of why do some people and governments put so much on the cyber network.

The reason is because we all depend on computers — it’s the way of the workplace and communicating today.

There doesn’t appear to be anything in sight to change the way we communicate and do thousands of other things through a computer. It’s a  wonderful system and has brought speed to the workplace and to the communication world. Of course, when the system goes down, we are left hanging until the IT person, or persons, fixes it. Some of the network systems are beyond our control. The downtime usually isn’t too long.

People put too much personal data on the cyber network. Government can be guilty of putting too much security data into the system. But government in so many cases has no choice.

There doesn’t seem to be anything out there that will give 100 percent protection from being hacked. Once a safety measure is developed, the hackers find a way to get around it. It’s an endless struggle.

How great and how vulnerable is the cyber world.