There are so many special week designations to draw attention to whatever, that one can lose sight of the significance of them. One of the weeks we bask in is National Newspapers In Education, which is this week.

The Missourian In Education program under Dawn Kitchell can spread wings of pride this week because the program is doing quite well. The program’s objective is to introduce schoolchildren to newspapers and the use of a newspaper as a teaching tool. Nearly every academic subject can be taught by using a newspaper.

The Missourian delivers more than 1,500 copies of the weekend edition to 43 schools in 15 different communities in our circulation area. There are 103 teachers participating in the Missourian In Education program, which reaches 67 classrooms. There are classroom partners and classroom supporters, or sponsors.

One of the many activities included in the program is Book Buzz. The Missourian delivers 104 books each month to area school libraries. Other features of the overall program, to mention a few, are Kid Scoop, a weekly news quiz that offers prizes, series of stories of a historical nature, Family Reading Night, a Spelling Bee and a summer reading program.

Of note, children had to listen to at least two stories at Family Reading Night to be eligible to win a basket. A record 66 baskets were donated. There were 16 family reading prizes, gift certificates to Neighborhood Reads bookstore in which families could pick their own books. Families had to read together every day for a week to be entered into the drawing.

The Missourian is indebted to the many volunteers in the program, especially teachers, and to the many sponsors, readers and parents who participate in the program. It’s an area community effort. The Missourian is grateful for all the support and cooperation.