News reports out of our nation’s capital say there is a new morality and new politics in Congress. If that’s true, we hope it lasts.

If true, how long will it last?

Males being who they are and females being who they are, we don’t see the present situation being anything close to permanent. 

Experience tells us this sexual misconduct will be back. For a period males will be more careful, and women will have their guards up because they now know they can go public with any sexual behavior that occurs and won’t be the one who is embarrassed.

The latest to have his political career wrecked by his sexual actions is Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., who says he will resign. He lost support from fellow Democrats in the Senate, especially from female members. Some of the things he allegedly did were not only wrong, but plain stupid. 

Some political circles say Franken was a rising star in the Senate and in his party. We don’t know about that in Missouri, and most residents of this state couldn’t care less about him even before his misbehavior was disclosed.

There is wonderment in Missouri as to whether what has happened in D.C. will trickle down to Jefferson City, where there have been reports of sexual harassment and other misbehavior. 

We wish we could be more optimistic that this air of morality will be lasting in government and politics. Experience tells us that this type of misconduct will return.

They say people in government are but a mirror of the people they represent. Well, not the entirety of what is in the mirror!