The University of Missouri Flagship Council scored a direct hit on The Wall Street Journal in response to a negative editorial in the newspaper about MU.  Facts that The Journal ignored were pointed out by Doug Crews, council co-chair, in its weekly newsletter. Crews called the editorial “a punch to Mizzou’s gut.”

UM System Board of Curators President David Steelman earlier had criticized the editorial. His response was published in this newspaper.

The editorial rehashed the campus events of 2015 and said “Misery Continues at Missouri.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

The editorial failed to mention such positive points as Mizzou having a new System president and chancellor “who are leading the university in a new, positive direction.” There was no mention that enrollment is recovering, there has been no cuts in state funding and new cooperative education programs are being funded. Assessment of weak course offerings is ongoing. Changes in teaching, research and learning are happening. The campus is safe. An increase in freshman students of about 500 is expected in the fall.

None of this was mentioned in the editorial. The Journal is guilty of sloppy journalism.