Has the city of Washington ever hosted a national convention or meeting? We are not aware of it ever happening before.

In 2020, Washington will host the America in Bloom National Symposium and Awards Ceremony.

When zithers were made in Washington, there may have been an event here that was national in scope.

Washington was named the host for the America in Bloom event because the city has had an active group of volunteers which for years has participated in the organization’s programs, and won awards. The city gained the attention of the national organization because of its enthusiastic participation and support of the organization.

Unfortunately, much of the symposium will be held in St. Louis because Washington doesn’t have a large enough hotel, or motel, to accommodate the 200 to 250 people who will attend. However, a full day of the event will be held in Washington.

Local volunteers are needed to help conduct the program here and in St. Louis.

The symposium has cities from across the country competing and learning from each other how to beautify, preserve heritage and plant to make their cities more appealing. Judges come to cities entered in the competition to select winners in different categories.

This will be an opportunity to showcase the city — thanks to the local volunteers in the program.