It’s interesting to see the names suggested for the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington. Many of the names suggested in an unofficial survey by The Missourian have a historical slant to them.

This was Daniel Boone country and his name, even that of his wife Rebbeca, was mentioned in some form, along with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which passed by here on its voyage upriver. Since the wine industry has had a rebirth in this area, it was mentioned in various forms. An individual’s name that was suggested several times was the late Ralph Gregory, local historian whose research in Franklin and Warren counties is unequaled. Lucinda Owens, or her husband, William, who founded Washington, also found favor with several people. 

Then there was the Harry S. Truman Bridge suggestion that may not stand out because the former president does have a bridge named after him. There’s a drawbridge over the Missouri River called the Harry S. Truman Bridge. It connects Jackson County and Clay County near Kansas City. Truman had a connection to Washington when he ran for the Senate and visited by train here in the 1948 race for president. 

John Colter Bridge also was suggested. He was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and eventually settled on a farm just west of Washington. His burial site has stirred some interest and there has never been general agreement on the grave site.

Of course, there never will be general agreement on a name. Impossible. The new bridge at Hermann was named after Sen. Kit Bond because he secured funding for the bridge there.

Names still are being suggested and several more are in this issue. There is no time limit on when a name can be submitted. We will pass all suggestions on to our readers.