What caused a normal-appearing man to suddenly explode and become a mass murderer? Authorities are trying to get into the deceased head of Stephen Paddock, the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, to discover a motive. With 59 dead and more than 500 injured, what he did is the worst massacre in United States history.

The shooters usually know they will be caught and probably killed. Often, such as the Las Vegas shooter, they take their own lives. 

The shooters usually buy a number of guns, which is somewhat strange, and they have plenty of ammunition. They can only use one weapon at a time. Why do they buy so many guns? Perhaps they believe there will be a standoff with law enforcement and they want to be armed to the teeth.

The Las Vegas shooter even installed cameras in and outside his hotel room to warn him of approaching officers.

In the case of some shooters-killers, they have a grudge against society and it’s sort of a revenge to kill people. Others crave attention. Of course, to be a mass killer the shooter is mentally disturbed —  insane. Then there are those who have a cause they are willing to die for and they want others to die, or you have individuals who are hateful toward government, have a score to settle with society and the possible motives go on and on.

Even with their disturbed minds, they are able to plan, often in much detail, the attacks they will make. They are able to function.

In some killings, the shooter was a loner, did not mix well with other people, and was filled with hate. The Las Vegas shooter was well-off, with a couple of upscale homes, owned other property, a man whose brother said he was a millionaire, a gambler, didn’t have debts from gambling, retired, was not a radical about politics, didn’t indicate he had a score to settle — in other words, from all indications, was normal. He sent money to the Philippines where his girlfriend was from, and she now has returned to the U.S. and authorities are questioning her to try to determine Paddock’s motive. She didn’t have any suspicions that he had mental problems, or was dangerous. 

It’s a strange case, killings without an apparent motive by a man you would not suspect to be mentally disturbed. He had no police record.

Perhaps when an individual buys so many guns, it is a tipoff that a person is planning an attack. But there are gun collectors who wouldn’t hurt a fly and just have a keen interest in guns, even automatic weapons used chiefly by the military. 

It is nearly impossible to prevent a massacre such as the one that occurred in Las Vegas and other places. How many other Stephen Paddocks are out there?