We don’t know what else can happen at Mizzou to mar its reputation and smear its name.

There was the criticism of the handling of the racial protests, the loss of some of its top leaders, and its self-imposed sanctions against the men’s basketball team and now two more incidents that have shaken the historic columns on the red campus.

After a record-breaking rushing season as a freshman running back, Damarea Crockett was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana. He was suspended for the final game Friday against Arkansas.

Then Wednesday a former University of Missouri tutor said she can document at least a dozen instances of serious academic fraud involving men and women athletes during a 16-month period. The tutor alleges she took entrance exams and completed entire courses for Mizzou athletes. The university has started an investigation.

There was a time when talented college athletes set an example for their teammates and others by their clean conduct. There was a time when the university didn’t have to hire a team of tutors to help student-athletes make the grade academically. Immature college athletes do dumb things like using drugs. The pressure to compete in a winning way has influenced some college officials to look the other way when it comes to cheating on academics.

Coaches do their best to control the athletes under them, but they can’t babysit them 24 hours a day. Some of the athletes come from unstable families and poor and crime-ridden environments. There is a breakdown in honesty and trustworthiness in society.

Mizzou is not alone in troubled waters.