What is the United States’ moral obligation to combat evil as Americans see it in other parts of the world?

Are there limitations to our moral obligation to help oppressed people in other countries? Should a line be drawn that we should not cross to help the downtrodden in other countries? In other words, how far should we go to help the oppressed?

Is our first obligation to help our own people first and then spread our aid to other nations? President Donald Trump was elected on an “America First” platform. Are Americans fed up with giving aid to countless countries in one form or another?

Why are so many countries that America has helped ungrateful? That is, rarely if ever, do some countries ever offer thanks to the United States. Since we have so many riches, do people in other countries expect the U.S. to help them, even fight wars for them? Do they feel it is the U.S.’s obligation to assist them?

We believe the vast majority of Americans do expect us to give humanitarian aid to people in need in nations where people are suffering. The U.S. usually is the first country on the scene to help when disasters strike other nations. We have the resources to give aid whereas many other countries do not. We also have the means to get aid to the suffering people in other countries.

We hear discussions and read writings that China is on the verge of overtaking the U.S. and will be No. 1 in many categories in the future. How often does China help people in other countries that are in need? We know it sells some of its products, such as oil, to North Korea, and also gives military aid to the North.

Both China and the U.S., and Russia to a point, do give 

aid to countries to enhance their relationships with other nations as part of their foreign policy initiatives to win allies. The U.S. has spent billions over the years to influence democracy-building in other countries. Is it time for an accounting as to how successful we have been?

No other country has been as sympathetic to oppressed people or given military aid, even manpower, to those nations to the extent as the U.S. has. We are a champion of human rights — perhaps we are No. 1 in that regard!

Americans are good people, usually with sound leadership, who believe in protecting human rights and helping the depressed. Dented, to be sure, our moral structure still is erect. 

It is healthy to have an accounting now and then as to where our moral direction has taken us in regard to other nations.  Is an “America First” policy what we should favor, and restrict some of the help we give to other countries? Are America’s needs being neglected because we are so involved in other countries’ problems?

Do we need to do an about-face in regard to our aid to other countries?