College sports have become big business. The athletic teams generate millions of dollars every year. The recruiting of athletes is highly competitive. With the huge sums of money involved in the sports programs, there is corruption.

A federal investigation has led to the arrest of four assistant basketball coaches and an Adidas shoe and apparel executive on bribery charges. A total of 10 people were charged with federal crimes. They were charged with using hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to influence star athletes’ choices of schools, shoe sponsors, agents and financial advisers. Even a maker of custom suits for some National Basketball Association players has been charged.

The assistant coaches charged are from Auburn, Arizona, Southern Cal and Oklahoma State. Other schools implicated are Louisville and Miami.

Could it be that the schools named in the investigation and in charges filed are only the tip of the iceberg in corruption in collegiate sports?

The charges announced the past week involved only basketball players. 

Federal prosecutors said that while some of the money went to athletes and their families, some went to coaches for them to use their influence over their potentially NBA-bound players.

The scandal is believed to be so widespread that the FBI has a hotline that has been set up for people to inform authorities of any corruption they may be aware of in any college sports.

For the fans, ticket prices are at the highest level ever. The schools use every means possible to raise money for their programs to provide the best facilities possible, which help in recruiting athletes. Rich alumni contribute millions of dollars for the athletic programs. Television money rolls in, and it determines the starting times for games, even days for playing sometimes. Money means control.

Good teams mean more money for the sports programs. Conferences do hold their member schools to strict rules, but oversight can be lax. The NCAA has rules but it is limited in what it can do to maintain control.

Money corrupts. It is present in college sports today and has been around for some time. The feeling here is, there is much more to come out how money has corrupted college sports.