The media, especially what we call the Big Media, which means big city media, especially reporters in Washington, D.C., has a fixation on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sometimes referred to as AOC of New York. Even the Associated Press had a news story about the media fixation on AOC.

It is sad to read and hear that journalists, and the J word is used loosely, are “being used” by AOC. They don’t seem to know they are “being had” by the former bartender.

She has been labeled by a few enlightened members of the media as just plain dumb in her radical liberal position on issues.

Of course, the Big Media is hopelessly lost in its bias, which is so evident, not only in editorials but in news stories and even headlines. Many come out of J-schools with the liberal bent their instructors have and foster on immature students.

Probably the liberal bias is more evident in the television J-stars.

Whatever happened to objective and fair reporting?

The fixation on AOC undoubtedly is based on her promotion of liberal ideas and outlandish statements. The 29-year-old is actually being said to be presidential material when she is old enough to qualify as a candidate. Is America’s future to be led by people like AOC?

She’s popular on social media. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem to know what to do with AOC and other far-to-the-left liberals. Pelosi is a conservative compared to AOC and her far out fellow radicals.

When it comes to their socialistic dreams, they have been inspired some by Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is a candidate again for president. They may respect Bernie but that doesn’t include his age.

Conservatives are happy to see the division in the Democratic Party heading into the presidential election. The old Democratic establishment, the Clintons and Bidens, are being slapped in the face by the wings of these highflying, far out liberals, who need doses of history to understand how dangerous are the positions they are trying to promote.

If all of this has a lesson, it is that voters need to better inform themselves of the types of candidates that have surfaced on political tickets.