The media is used to criticism. Most of it rolls off the backs of journalists who continue to try to get the story of what’s happening and tell it to the public. Criticism is part of the territory.

Some criticism is warranted. The media isn’t always right in its vigorous pursuit of news. It can be too aggressive, especially in a competitive situation. Beating the competition is in a journalist’s makeup. But more often than not, the media gets high marks.

The Ferguson tragedy is ripe for media criticism. But overall the media kept the public informed of what was happening. It was a moving story and most of what occurred was at night. It was a difficult story to cover, with multiple law enforcement agencies involved, most of the media was not familiar with the city, there was much confusion, and in the beginning especially finding a credible source for information was difficult. 

We don’t know the facts as to how the media was treated by law enforcement officers. There were some complaints of media being roughed up by police, but nothing that serious. Media representatives can get in the way in their eagerness to get close to the scene. Usually, the local media knows their sources and the officers know them. However, that was not the case for the most part in Ferguson since media and officers came from afar.

Overall the media kept us informed of what was going on, and did a credible job. The story now is recovery from the tragedy — and that part of the story doesn’t always receive the media attention that it should.