News reports are saying that Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s re-election chances in 2018 have improved because of voter disapproval of Republican President Donald Trump and the fact that an unknown, with little experience in a political office, likely will be her opponent. 

Sen. McCaskill even cast herself as the underdog earlier this year. Nearly every Democrat mentioned as a candidate for high public office in 2018 is being given better chances of winning because of general dissatisfaction with  Trump’s first year in office.

Much can happen between now and the primary and general elections in 2018 so any predictions about success at the polls now are subject to change.

We have felt Sen. McCaskill’s outlook in 2018 was not as grim as some voters believed. She’s been very visible in the state the past year with her many Town Hall meetings. Another thing she has going to enhance her chances is that her office has been very responsive to requests from her constituents. She has been especially cooperative with veterans’ causes.

Sen. McCaskill can point to a record of involvement in many legislative matters, and no one works harder than she does on the committees of which she is a member. She has gained respect from other members of the Senate and when she speaks, they listen. 

If the Republicans want to make a real race for her Senate seat, they need to find a formidable candidate for their ticket.

As we said, it’s really too early to make predictions that will stand up in any race in 2018.