One of the most disturbing aspects of the U.S. Senate race in Missouri between incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill and Republican Josh Hawley is that the challenger is not qualified for this high office.

It is sad that the Republicans could not come forward with a better candidate. What record Hawley has rates a D and that is being generous.

Two newspapers, The New York Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, have reported the utter mismanagement in Hawley’s attorney general’s office.

Hawley is completing his second year in the office, which appears to be in disarray, as documented by the two newspapers, from members of his own staff.

The newspapers found Hawley’s public office in “turmoil,” with staff lawyers coming and going.

It is upsetting to see the misleading ads from Hawley. He criticizes McCaskill’s use of an airplane yet he has used a private plane owned by a lobbyist during his campaign. He has said many misleading words about McCaskill’s wealth, but the fact is she married a wealthy man and there is no evidence she used any influence in government incentives given to her husband.

There reportedly is dark money in the campaign. There’s some in both campaign coffers and unfortunately it’s legal.

Hawley’s close to insurance companies. He is party to a lawsuit that would end protections for nearly 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions and raise the prices for prescription drugs. Sen. McCaskill has fought the big drug companies over their prices since she has been in the Senate. Hawley claims he is in favor of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, but he’s been all talk on that issue.

Hawley punted on the investigation of former Gov. Eric Greitens’ use of an app to delete messages about government business. Hawley agreed with Greitens’ attorneys that

interviews of his staff would be held to 15 minutes. That’s a surrender if we ever heard of one.

Hawley has not updated the public in months on his investigations into Greitens’ former charity, The Mission Continues.

The question is, did Greitens use charity resources for personal or political gain?

There’s a lot more about this ugly campaign, one of the most expensive and gutter-lined in the state’s history, but much of it has been reported in newspapers.

We don’t agree with Sen. McCaskill on some issues, especially abortion, and haven’t liked some of her votes on other matters. However, there is no denying she has experience and has been a fighter for Missourians.

She has clout, much seniority in the Senate. If re-elected, she’s in a position to continue to be a big help to this state and its citizens.

She and Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, work well together on issues of importance to Missourians.

Sen. McCaskill has reached out to Missourians with her town hall meetings. If Hawley has been in Franklin County it’s news to us. Hawley must

feel he’s in and doesn’t have to campaign hard, and he is banking on his misleading television ads to put him in the Senate.

The real troubling matter in this race is that the Republicans have put up such a poor candidate. What’s he for except to smear his opponent?

We will take Sen. McCaskill’s experience over a rank amateur who can’t run a public office, and has failed to meet the responsibilities of the office.