If a petition signature campaign is successful, Missourians will vote on expanding Medicaid to make more people eligible for the health care program.

The petition drive was kicked off the past week. The goal is 172,000 signatures to put it on the 2020 ballot.

The campaign committee, Healthcare for Missouri, was formed in March to explore whether an initiative petition would be feasible.

Missouri’s Medicaid program is MO HealthNet. It provides health care for children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and some seniors.

The committee said under the expansion program another 200,000 Missourians would be in the plan. The cost, of course, is of prime concern.

It is a political issue. The General Assembly has not looked upon it favorably, citing the cost and saying Medicaid needs to be revised before it is expanded.

Missourians need to review the specifics and be more informed about the issue to make a decision on its merits.