n agenda item that has been around a long time was given a verbal awakening when the Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee met this past week.

It was named the East-West Parkway project more than 30 years ago. It is an east-west road to the south from High Street and Highway 100, to Route A, then east to link up with South Point Road near North Goodes Mill Road at its eastern end.

A corridor such as this was recommended many years ago in the city’s comprehensive plan. It has been on the committee agenda since the committee was created by the late then-Mayor Bernie Hillermann. Occasionaly, the corridor would come up for discussion, but nothing developed.

Franklin County Presiding Commissioner Tim Brinker, a member of the committee, believes the time has come for a rebirth of the idea. The need is there and federal funding may be available, he said. The proposed corridor shouldn’t be grounded again. As Brinker indicated, the time is ripe for action.

If built, it would take some traffic off of Highway 100, which is congested at times. It would be an outer belt to the south.

The path of this proposed corridor is needed also because of the movement of residences and businesses to the south. The city already has waited too long for this project. To wait much longer might make the project too costly to consider.

The city already has a proposed route laid out, which probably would need some adjustments, but it’s a starting point.

It doesn’t take an abundance of vision to see the need.

The committee is in place and the leadership should be there to get moving on the proposed project. The city recognizes the need and the cooperation appears to be waiting for the whistle call to action.