It’s a limited legal victory, and the lawsuit has some distance to go before a final decision is reached.

There is satisfaction though that a judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County and the region’s sports authority over the Rams leaving St. Louis. The case likely will go to trial.

The judge did dismiss an alleged count of fraud against the other NFL teams and their owners.

The lawsuit alleges that the Rams failed to meet league relocation rules when leaving for Los Angeles prior to the 2016 season, constituting a contractual breach with St. Louis. The judge ruled out a count on arbitration.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger issued a statement that was critical of the Rams and NFL. “This ruling is another step toward holding Stan Kroenke (owner of the Rams) and the NFL accountable for conspiring to swindle the St. Louis area out of the NFL team we supported with our hearts and tax dollars,” he said. 

The suit alleges the area has lost millions of dollars in tax revenue with the departure of the Rams. 

The manner in which the Rams departed St. Louis has left a bitter feeling in St. Louis about giving incentives and using tax dollars for stadiums for any type of professional sports teams.