There is concern in some circles of human thought that too many college professors lean too far to the left and their teachings have a negative impact on students. As Columnist Walter Williams writes on this page, leftists’ teachings undermine basic American principles and values. 

Do most students have enough thinking power to recognize the negative leftists’ teachings about America?

A college official we talked to recently, while not denying there are leftists on campuses, said there are many college professors who are conservative.

Anybody who has attended college knows that there are some far-out-from-the-mainstream professors. Their biases are recognized by many students.  Others are influenced by their rantings.

Students who are converts to political correctness ideas are probably more common than converts to “leftistism.”

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders connected with some college students who bought into the senator’s belief that the United States was founded on “racist principles,”  Williams related. Leftists have been outfront in removing Confederate monuments, changing the names of streets named after slave-owner presidents and now they are calling for the elimination of Columbus Day. Williams writes that the leftists are trying to delegitimize the country’s founders, some of whom were slave owners.

How can a parent prepare their sons and daughters who are entering college to be prepared for some leftist professors? By advising them that there are radicals they may have as teachers and to think for themselves as to what they are hearing.

On the other side of the school coin, there can be teachers who are too far to the right and students should be just as thoughtful about them.

Some radical teachers always have been on college campuses. Thinking students have survived.