With the speedy capture of the suspect in the robbery at the First Bank in Dutzow, it was another reminder that we have excellent law enforcement in this area. We may live in a combination of an urban/rural environment, but the law enforcement is far superior than in many other similar areas.

Criminals should be aware of the law enforcement resources we have in this area. A criminal’s chances for avoiding apprehension are not good.

Our law enforcement officers have the latest equipment, including helicopters that can be in the air in a matter of minutes to join in a manhunt.

While it’s true there is quite a system of highways in this area, and isolated wooded sections, law enforcement officers know their territories and can respond to robberies quickly or to some other type of crime in minutes.

One thing that could be improved. and this is true all over the map, is that citizens be more alert to crime situations. That is to come forward with any information from what they witnessed. Even what may appear to be the slightest bit of information may be helpful.

Citizen alertness is a great help to law enforcement. Report any suspicious activities. We have very professional law enforcement officers in this area. They are well trained. But they need an alert citizenry to help them. Many crimes have been solved by information given to them by alert citizens.