Monday is Labor Day when we salute all American workers, those wearing blue and white shirts, a day off for most and thoughts about the American work ethic and the technical minds who have made the country No. 1 in the world. Our workforce now includes many women, who are making great contributions to businesses, education and just about every other endeavor in America.

Many of today’s working force will be at their workplaces since it is not a holiday in some fields of endeavor. In the commercial world, business goes on seven days a week in many fields. Competition is the reason.

Working conditions have changed since Labor Day was established in 1882. The organized labor movement started the observance and the day gradually began to recognize all workers — hence it is a  national holiday.

There is a labor shortage in many fields, especially in the construction world, and skilled workers are in demand. Many of the expert observers in the construction world say America will never have a complete recovery from the downturn of the early 2000s because we don’t have the skilled workers.