Our new attorney general, Eric Schmitt, has proposed a “Safer Streets” initiative in an attempt to do something about the dangerous street conditions in St. Louis, where shootings and killings occur almost nightly.

Something has to be done. Many people in St. Louis and in nearby counties are fearful of their safety in St. Louis, especially in the downtown area and at night.

The attorney general lives in St. Louis County and he is close to what’s been going on in St. Louis city and his county.

In addition to designating prosecutors as “Special Assistant United States Attorneys” to help combat and prosecute violent crimes in areas of St. Louis, continual community outreach is another part of the initiative. Schmitt said there’s important work that must be done in courtrooms but engaging affected community members is crucial to the success of the “Safer Streets” initiative.

“To take the next step in combating violent crime, my office and I will be conversing with residents, hearing their concerns, and answering their questions about fighting violent crime in their neighborhoods,” Schmitt said.

The attorney general has the responsibility of protecting Missouri citizens. The special prosecutors will be funded by the attorney general’s office.

Schmitt already has started his community outreach work, meeting with St. Louis citizens at Mount Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.

We commend Attorney General Schmitt for offering this type of program to St. Louis. The cooperation between his office and the U.S. Attorney’s office has many positive possibilities. Reaching out to citizens and listening to their concerns is something that should be helpful in working toward “Safer Streets.”