The fatal shooting of an 18-year-old youth in St. Louis County by a police officer exploded in acts of violence, leading to property damage, some injuries and many arrests. There are demands for justice by the black community and also by concerned white people.

Federal agencies, state and municipal investigations are ongoing to seek answers. It is unfortunate that the demonstrators acted so quickly before all the facts have been obtained. The site of the shooting is Ferguson. That area is where the protests have been ongoing.

The victim’s family has called for an end to the violence while in disagreement with the police report on the shooting. Officials quickly called for independent investigations.

The violent protest that erupted after the shooting unfortunately is an indication that many people in the black community don’t trust law enforcement agencies to be fair in the investigations. For other protesters, the shooting is an excuse to become violent and to loot business places. We are sure the majority of the black community is against the violence. It is evident they are trying to restore calm to the situation.

So many positive efforts have been made to overcome racism that for an incident of this sort to happen, it is clear there still is much to be done. It does raise doubts whether it is possible to overcome racism in the minds of many people.