She will be missed!

Judy Wagner, area engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), attended her last meeting Monday of the Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee. She was given a warm goodbye by the city, committee members and others who attended a reception for her after the morning meeting. For Judy it was a tearful goodbye.

She was an excellent “fit” in serving on the committee for 17 years. She served Franklin and Jefferson counties well. She learned well the highways, bridges and transportation infrastructure in both counties. She listened to concerns for improvements and new infrastructure needs, and followed through the best she could in providing state assistance.

Her cooperation was excellent. She did the homework that was necessary on projects. She kept the committee abreast of MoDOT’s positions on transportation projects and kept in touch with state officials who represent this area. She set an example with her conscientious work ethic.

Her guidance to the committee was invaluable. She earned the respect of the committee for her diligence, professionalism and care for residents of the county.

The crowning tribute to her efforts for Washington and Franklin County was her work on the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River. She gave the new bridge the attention and engineering skills necessary for the completion of the successful project. It wasn’t exactly “Judy’s bridge” but her name always will be associated with it because of her dedication to the task.

Judy is retiring from MoDOT and entering municipal government in engineer-management in Jefferson County. We wish her the best and thank her for her exemplary service and cooperation.