If a person wants a job, there are many opportunities today. It’s been that way for some time. The problem is too many of the jobless feel many of the openings are below the type of work they want to do. Of course, there are some who really don’t want to work, and they will live off unemployment aid, as long as the benefits last, or they like being helped by charity groups. 

The state just released the jobless figure for the state in October. It stood at 3.5 percent. This is the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate since July 2000.

Last year in October the jobless rate in Missouri was 4.6 percent. The national rate in October 2017 was 4.1 percent.

When it comes to jobs, Missouri is like the rest of the nation. There is an acute shortage of workers with technical skills — in all fields of construction. We need to steer more young people into vocational and technical training. The educational facilities are in place in most areas. The pay is good for the type of skills being taught.

Missouri’s seasonally adjusted jobless rate has been below the national rate for 31 consecutive months. That tells us Missouri has the jobs for people who want to work. The help wanted ads in newspapers indicate the shortage of workers.

The state reported that employment is up in hotel and food services; professional, scientific and technical services; manufacturing; health care and social assistance; and in the financial world.

The economy still is a mixed bag.