The annual United Fund campaign has started and will run through September and October. The goal is a record $1.2 million.

Over the years at this time people have recognized the purpose and good that results from the drive. People in the area are committed to the Franklin County Area United Way and that’s why the volunteer campaign officials are optimistic of reaching the goal.

Yes, it means making a sacrifice for most contributors, who are willing to go the extra dollar to ensure success.

Funds raised will benefit 53 member agencies that provide health and human services that benefit the young and elderly. It is estimated that more than 70,000 people are served by these agencies, from those in emergency conditions, to the disabled, to children and to the elderly who need assistance. The agencies not only strengthen families but the community as a whole.

The united way of giving purposes are the same as when this type of campaign began many decades ago. It makes sense to have one major fundraising campaign for agencies rather than to have 53 individual drives, which would wear out donors and volunteers who conduct drives. The United Way also screens agencies as to their purposes, how the donations are used, and to make sure they live up to their stated purposes.

The United Way ensures that as little money donated as possible is spent on administration of a campaign. The area United Way is a responsible organization. Its record proves that fact.

A salute is due to all the United Way volunteers.