All signs point to a vigorous, costly and dirty fight leading up to the November election in the race for the U.S. Senate in Missouri. Incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, will face a bruising race from Republican Josh Hawley.

Both McCaskill and Hawley had no trouble winning their respective primary elections. Both faced only token opposition from candidates with no name recognition.

This will be one of the most expensive U.S. Senate campaigns in Missouri history. Sen. McCaskill has a large campaign bankroll and Hawley surely will come close to matching it.

This race is one of several that is being watched nationally since control of the U.S. Senate is vital to President Donald Trump’s agenda. 

The primary campaigns of both McCaskill and Hawley centered on the two attacking each other since they were expected to cruise to victories, which they did. Opinions will vary on this, but Hawley led in the smear-your-opponent category. He also was No. 1 in the misleading attacks on his opponent.

When it comes to experience, it is no contest. Sen. McCaskill, after 12 years in the Senate, is a veteran in the workings of that legislative body. She has earned the reputation of being a fighter for the people of Missouri and is out front in leading for reforms in the federal government. Hawley probably is one of the least experienced persons to ever run for the U.S. Senate in Missouri history. He has no record in public office or in any capacity.

We don’t look forward to this race since it’s shaping up to be nasty, distasteful, misleading — a mudslinger!