With the countdown for the Washington Town & Country Fair in progress, with the 2019 event’s theme being a catchy “Cheers to 90 Years,” and with a Missourian story Wednesday about preparations, one could not escape the thought that the August Fair really is a family affair.

This year’s chairman of the Aug. 7-11 event, Jason Unnerstall, told The Missourian he was a “Fair rat” — he grew up as a Fairgoer and at a young age helped his parents who were volunteers at the Fair. In fact his father, Terry Unnerstall, is a past Fair chairman.

With the 90 years of history of the modern Washington Fair, the theme is appropriate and so were Unnerstall’s words when he said the Fair is really “cheers” for the volunteers who make it happen. From the first day of the first Fair, volunteers have carried the load of producing the Fair year after year.

The volunteer spirit has been contagious for 90 years and is as strong today as it ever has been. For years Fairgoers have marveled at the spirit that is on display. Many of the volunteers do hard physical work, spend many hours before, during and after the Fair performing their tasks. That is especially true of Fair Board members.

When one Fair is over, almost immediately planning begins for the next one. That’s been going on for 90 years! The goal is to make the next one better than the one just over.

The Fair unites the city and rural community like no other event. That’s why the name Town & Country was added to the event many years ago. The Fair wouldn’t be the event it is, and survived for so long, if it were not for the cooperation of Washington’s rural neighbors.

There is no other event that brings as much joy and satisfaction to people as the Fair. Youngsters never forget the fun-filled days they have had at the Fair. That’s why so many people who no longer live here return for the Fair every year. The Fair implants “good times” in the memories of all who attend, from children on up to seniors.

The many contests and attractions have something for everybody to enjoy. Security is such that children can roam the fairgrounds without fearing for their safety.

We remember the first year the Fair hired “big name” acts to perform. Fair officials worried about the expense. It was a gamble that has paid off for many years.

Over the years, the Fair Board has added new attractions to make sure the variety is there to meet just about all tastes. It’s been a success story year after year,

The Washington Town & Country Fair has generated so much interest, created so many fond memories and provided so much joy that its future is secure. With the spirit that is handed down from one generation to the next, and the leadership that always emerges, with the multitude of volunteers, the outlook for another 90 years is bright.

See you at the Fair!