President Donald Trump has termed his recent trip to Asia a success, and has praised the leaders he met in a way that one would think they were a group of “good ol’ boys.”

To read commentaries by political observers who pen columns, a consensus could be formed that they believe that our president was “had.”

He made some friends to be sure, but no great agreements came out of his meetings, or foreign policy changes in any direction that would benefit America.

President Trump patted them on their backs and told them what great people they were, and he hopes they will say the same things about him.

One writer whose commentary was in The New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman, wrote that China’s leader, President Xi Jinping, could “sell Trump the Brooklyn bridge.” He added: “Xi has been brilliant at playing Trump, plying him with flattery and short-term trade concessions and deflecting him from the real structural trade imbalances with China. All along, Xi keeps his eye on the long-term prize of making China great again. Trump, meanwhile, touts every minor victory as historic and proceeds down any road that will give him a quick sugar-high.”

Friedman wrote also that Trump has no idea what he’s doing and no integrated strategy. On this page columnist David Ignatius wrote that Trump’s trip was more of a pilgrimage than a projection of power. He also called it an adulation tour.

History has taught us that neither China or Russia can be trusted. Both countries have an agenda of expansion, being great and powerful and China wants to surpass America and become the great power — No. 1 on earth.