Out here in the outskirts of metro St. Louis, we are worried about the big city to the east. What happens in St. Louis affects all of the metro area. Franklin County is part of the metro area. We should be worried!

One of the main problems with St. Louis today is the lack of leadership.

It begins with a newly elected mayor and an ineffective board of aldermen. Ask any developer or businessman who has to deal with the board and they will voice the frustrations they have had in their dealings with that body.

The mayor and board have given a no confidence vote to the police department by passing a resolution dealing with the latest race relations fiasco. The resolution, in remembrance of a black drug dealer suspect fleeing from police who was fatally shot by a white policeman, has angered police, which is understandable. The white officer was acquitted. That has led to protest marches and violence. 

Lawyers who have read the complete ruling by the judge say with the evidence submitted to the judge, he ruled correctly in acquitting the police officer.

It is sad that the Big Media rarely mentions that the black man who was fatally shot was a suspected drug dealer.

St. Louis police are learning that they must counter social media accounts of protests with accurate information. The police handling the Ferguson riots failed to use effectively social media. Today the police are clarifying social media reports that put the officers in a bad light. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in its Sunday issue explained how the police are using social media to accurately report what is happening during the protests.

The business community must come to the aid of the city of St. Louis. It needs to report the success it has had in St. Louis and why it has proven to be positive for them to be located in the city. The time has come for the business interests to be aggressive in telling the country the good side of St. Louis. The positive story must be told. The regional chamber should mount a campaign to promote St. Louis as a place to locate, especially in the worlds of finance, high-tech endeavors, health care, museums and countless recreational pursuits.

The universities and colleges in St. Louis need to offer their assistance and tell of their successful experiences. St. Louis has so much to offer in education  — tell that story. 

Without telling the positive side of the city of St. Louis, is there any hope for that municipality to halt a downward slide?