Concern is mounting about the objectivity in the investigation of a possible connection between the Donald Trump campaign staff and Russia in the 2016 presidential election. It is known that Russia tried to influence the election outcome. 

 It also is known that several individuals on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team have a bias against Trump and expressed it to other FBI staff members. There are texts that suggest these individuals may have been involved in some anti-Trump plotting.

The question is whether members of the present investigative team, if they were involved in anti-Trump activities during the presidential campaign, can be objective in the current investigation.

It boils down to the credibility of Mueller’s team members, and even Mueller himself. There have been a few calls for Mueller’s resignation because of what has been learned.

There also has been concern about the Justice Department’s and the FBI’s  lack of cooperation with the same investigation by Congress.

Will the outcome of the investigation by Mueller’s team be credible with the public?

We think the selection of Mueller as the special counsel was a mistake.