What best describes politics — interesting, controversial, loose with the truth, creator of unexpected bedfellows, a “no” means “yes,” corruption breeder, builder of strange alliances, speculation motivated, money inhaler, home of the ambitious and to be avoided. Probably all will be found in politics.

The cable TV commentators use “shocker” stories to earn rays in the sun and to stay ratings-high. Sometimes they are on target. Other times they miss and the red flag goes up.

Tucker Carlson spit out a political story that was packaged in intrigue the other day. He said “Barack Obama might endorse wife Michelle in the 2020 (Democratic) race over Joe Biden.”

Conservative Carlson speculated on his Fox News Show that the former president has not endorsed any of the Democratic candidates in the race so he can support his wife’s potential candidacy. He added,”Don’t bet against Michelle,” who has said she is not interested in running. Carlson said Michelle may be the only candidate who could unify the Democratic Party.

On the sidelines waiting to be asked to run again is Hillary!

In politics, one never knows!

It was interesting that Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire New Yorker, said off and on the past year he might run. Hadn’t made up his mind, he said. However, when he announced recently he would run, his television ads appeared on the screen almost immediately. That tells us he made up his mind some time ago to run. You don’t prepare ads overnight.

How many elected officeholders when their terms were up, or when they lost a re-election bid, said they were quitting politics, and re-entered the game again?

Enemies are made in politics. Truces are made in politics. The same is true in political parties.

Politics is intriguing.