The Missouri Veterans Commission will have a comprehensive study made to determine present and future needs of veterans in the state.

The study will determine if the skilled nursing care needs of Missouri veterans are currently being met by the Missouri State Veterans Home System, and to project the long-range demand for skilled nursing care needs of veterans.

The contractor who is hired for the study also will make recommendations to meet needs up to the next 30 years. The contractor will “provide specific recommended skilled nursing homes site(s) with a radius of 90 miles of the current St. Louis Veterans Home in Bellefontaine Neighbors.”

The  Washington site that has been proposed by the city and county in the South Point area is within 90 miles of the St. Louis Veterans Home. The Veterans Commission in Jefferson City is aware of the Washington site.

The city and county’s offer of free ground for a veterans home contains 29 acres on high ground next to the Phoenix II development. The offer was made in 2016.

There is a waiting list of veterans who would like to be in a veterans home. Space is limited.

The Washington site has many advantages, such as being near St. Louis and good highways, a hospital and veterans clinic nearby to serve veterans, near shopping centers, many recreational and other activities, parks, many other amenities, plus military service organizations that have members who would lend support to their fellow veterans.

The site here has many, many advantages. We await the study and its recommendations.